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Here are 8 lessons from The Last Kingdom-part 1

2020-06-12 Life Lessons Life Lessons

The last Kingdom is an action packed Saxon age series with life lessons to share Read More

Parallels between The Walking Dead, Coronavirus, and Life

2020-03-17 Life Lessons Life Lessons

I share my thoughts on the similarities between the novel Coronavirus and one of my favorite series The Walking Dead Read More

The 5 most neglected skills of professionals

2020-01-09 life lessons life lessons

I initially wrote this post as “The 5 most neglected skills of web professionals”. I amended it as I thought it would be better if I expanded the ... Read More

5 lessons from the tro-tro entrepreneur

2019-09-26 Life lessons Life lessons

Reading Time: 5minutes Hi there, I am listening to this song by Eminen ( one of my all time favorite artists in 1st lane). Some where in the song he ... Read More

Four lessons from Junior Agogo for the rest of us

2019-08-23 life lessons life lessons

Sadly, on 22nd August 2019, Manuel Agogo, popularly called “Junior Agogo” departed this earth. It truly was a black day for a lot of football fans. ... Read More

Lessons from characters from Game of Thrones

2016-05-30 Life Lessons Life Lessons

Game of Thrones is currently in season 6. That’s six adventure packed seasons that fans everywhere keep waiting for every week. It even keeps ... Read More