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My accidental encounter with a dreadful fraudster

2020-04-11 security security

Here is what I learned when a mobile money scammer called me on 4th April, 2020 Read More

Four apps you need when isolated

2020-04-01 Tech Tech

As you learn to exist online here are four important apps you need to have Read More

Parallels between The Walking Dead, Coronavirus, and Life

2020-03-17 Life Lessons Life Lessons

I share my thoughts on the similarities between the novel Coronavirus and one of my favorite series The Walking Dead Read More

Programming is dedication

2020-01-16 Uncategorized code code

Hello, I want to keep this post as short as humanly possible and just get to the heart of the matter. I realize compared to some people I know I have ... Read More

The 5 most neglected skills of professionals

2020-01-09 life lessons life lessons

I initially wrote this post as “The 5 most neglected skills of web professionals”. I amended it as I thought it would be better if I expanded the ... Read More

2019 Ghana Club 100

2019-11-17 Business Business

The top 100 companies in Ghana for the year 2019 Read More

On mentoring

2019-11-15 leadership leadership

Why the need to groom the next batch of leaders Read More

5 lessons from the tro-tro entrepreneur

2019-09-26 Life lessons Life lessons

Reading Time: 5minutes Hi there, I am listening to this song by Eminen ( one of my all time favorite artists in 1st lane). Some where in the song he ... Read More

Four lessons from Junior Agogo for the rest of us

2019-08-23 life lessons life lessons

Sadly, on 22nd August 2019, Manuel Agogo, popularly called “Junior Agogo” departed this earth. It truly was a black day for a lot of football fans. ... Read More

Why Hugo Is a Huge Deal

2019-07-22 tech tech

Here are five reasons why Hugo is a huge deal. Yes, you heard me right. Hugo, the open source framework, and no, not the movie is really awesome. Why ... Read More