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How to recover corrupt Word Documents

2020-09-13 tech tech

I show you how to recover your lost data from corrupted Microsoft Word Documents Read More

30 lessons from the Last Kingdom for each day in September

2020-09-07 Life Lessons Life Lessons

Here are a few life lessons I learnt from The Last Kingdom, an action packed Saxon age series Read More

Which is better for communications ? WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams

2020-09-01 tech tech

Read on the pros and cons for each Read More

4 Things You Should Know About Cryptocurrency And Why You Should Care

2020-08-04 tech tech

This post gives a little cryptocurrency education, and why cryptocurrencies are changing the status quo Read More

Another 5 lies about entrepreneurship

2020-07-26 life lessons life lessons

We have already spoken on the first 5 lies, well here are another 5 to add to your list Read More

Here are 5 lies about enterpreneurship

2020-07-15 life lessons life lessons

If you are you starting a new business or already running one, then beware of these lies about entrepreneurship Read More

Book Review: Excuses Begone - Priceless quotes from Chapters 1 and 2

2020-07-07 life lessons life lessons

Inspirational quotes from the book Excuses Begone Read More

How to protect and unprotect your Excel workbook

2020-06-28 security security

I show you how to protecting your data using the popular Microsoft Excel Read More

Here are 8 lessons from The Last Kingdom-part 1

2020-06-12 Life Lessons Life Lessons

The last Kingdom is an action packed Saxon age series with life lessons to share Read More

You will want to know these 5 tips for error free code - Part One

2020-06-02 code code

Five tips to developing error free software. Read More