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You only live once

2021-03-21 life lessons life lessons

Quote from Ricky Gervais Read More

Which is better for Privacy ? WhatsApp or Signal

2021-03-15 tech tech

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10 hacks to make your WhatsApp groups fun again

2021-02-13 tech tech

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10 valuable lessons seen through the quotes of the Greatest Briton of all time

2021-01-17 life lessons life lessons

Here are 10 lessons from Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill that still prove true till this day Read More

Bitter lessons from the year of COVID-19 which made us stronger

2021-01-09 life lessons life lessons

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Pick your poison, amnesia or experience

2020-11-15 life lessons life lessons

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Stupid questions are the most important

2020-10-31 Life lessons Life lessons

Here are a few reasons why the seemingly useless questions are not that useless after all Read More

4 lessons we learn from politicians

2020-10-24 life lessons life lessons

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Reviewing Kukua, Fidelity Bank's WhatsApp Banking Assistant for Empowering Customers

2020-10-09 tech tech

Read about the service Fidelity Bank has come out with for all its loyal customers Read More

Another five tips for error free software

2020-09-20 code code

Here are a few ways in which your code can be free of bugs Read More