Four lessons from Junior Agogo for the rest of us

Sadly, on 22nd August 2019, Manuel Agogo, popularly called “Junior Agogo” departed this earth. It truly was a black day for a lot of football fans. All the outpouring of love towards his family shows that the football fraternity takes his loss hard. Today, I would like to take a few minutes of your time to recount four marvelous lessons he left us with in the 40 years of his life.

Why Hugo Is a Huge Deal

Here are five reasons why Hugo is a huge deal. Yes, you heard me right. Hugo, the open source framework, and no, not the movie is really awesome. Why you ask? It is not only it is a super sweet static site generator, but is as modern as the times. Around this time, you might be thinking, what is a static site generator? And why do I need it? Is there no other alternative?

Do not just code

Reading Time: 2minutes I believe it is most apt that give a blog post should be on why I like love my profession. I would keep this as brief as possible. Growing up there were several professions I wanted to enter. There were times I wanted to be an actor; later I thought why not the one in charge of the actors; that is the director. Then again I thought why not an architect; and so on and so forth; step by step and logically I could not see any profession past I.

Lessons from characters from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is currently in season 6. That’s six adventure packed seasons that fans everywhere keep waiting for every week. It even keeps the US President glued to his television set ( President Obama is the most popular fan of Game of Thrones ) I am also an enthusiastic fan of the series. Everybody wants from Game Of Thrones wants something. Some simply want a wife. Some wants vengeance.

40 songs to put you in the spirit Have you ever wanted gospel songs to put you in the spirt on a Sunday morning. then look no further. Here are 40 songs that do just that.