Parallels between The Walking Dead, Coronavirus, and Life

I share my thoughts on the similarities between the novel Coronavirus and one of my favorite series The Walking Dead

Programming is dedication

Hello, I want to keep this post as short as humanly possible and just get to the heart of the matter. I realize compared to some people I know I have had relatively short life span for a programmer. Yet still these are some truths I have come to learn about being a programmer. It’s in 2 parts; it’s first the profession itself and then the person himself. First let’s cover the profession.

The 5 most neglected skills of professionals

I initially wrote this post as “The 5 most neglected skills of web professionals”. I amended it as I thought it would be better if I expanded the scope. So I would try not to restrict this only to web developers, but also to other professional groups. This is really only from personal experience. Hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed to write it, and a few of us can learn from it.

2019 Ghana Club 100

The top 100 companies in Ghana for the year 2019

On mentoring

Why the need to groom the next batch of leaders