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Ten reasons why you should learn C Sharp

Reading Time: 3 minutesHave you thought that you need to C sharp? However you always put it off. I am here to give you enough reasons to stop the procrastination today. If you are like me you, then you would want to give yourself a few reasons as to why learning C Sharp is good education and not […]

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A play on why you need database migrations

Reading Time: 4 minutesCurrently, this is how you work. You build your app. along the way to make a couple of changes to your database tables. We are going to illustrate this with a story of Kofi and Kwasi.  In this story, I was not specific on which database or framework I used. This is largely because all […]

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Zend framework as your next PHP enterprise framework

Reading Time: 3 minutesAre you shopping for a PHP framework for your next enterprise app? Usually, when you say enterprise, languages like C sharp and Java spring quickly to mind. Today let’s consider using a different language. Let’s opt for the world’s most used language on the web (that being PHP), and use that in your company. One […]

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Changing your WAMP files location

Reading Time: 1 minuteHello, This is a brief post on how to serve WAMP web files from a different location. You will know WAMP as the popular Windows utility that allows you to serve PHP files sitting on top of an Apache HTTP web server. It works with the MySQL DBMS, although your PHP project can be configured […]

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