How to regain your lost skills

Reading Time: 3 minutesIt happens to all of us. Yesterday we used a language, framework, skill, or technology that is seemed like second nature to us. And today, (maybe because of legacy issues, maintenance or other) we have to go back pick up that old skill we used to know like the back of other hands. We drop […]

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How to auto populate with AJAX

Reading Time: 2 minutesHello all you lovely people. I trust your day has been awesome so far.Today I want to go through a common task lots of coders do when working with input fields. Usually, you might not want the user to be put through the stress of remembering the full value, and its corresponding details. The solution […]

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DC Heros as programming languages( graphic )

Reading Time: 1 minuteEarlier on a post was written comparing DC Comic Heros to Programming languages. This graphic below is a summary of that post. Enjoy and do share. Cheers.

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Getting past the git permission denied error

Reading Time: 1 minuteHave you ever been delayed by that annoying error which prompts you to share a public key with a git repo ? I have, and I am sure you have too. Below is a 3 step process that would sort you out in a giffy, and get you back on the road to finishing that […]

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