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Adding numbers in C Sharp

Reading Time: 1 minute#DidYouKnow int num1 = 110; int num2 = 220; Console.WriteLine(“Sum = ” + sum_of_numbers); And Console.WriteLine(“Sum = ” + num1+num2); Give you entirely different results ! #CSharp

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Enterpreneurial lessons from the Gospel of Luke

Reading Time: 1 minuteHi guys, Checkout this presentation on Entrepreneurial lessons from no other place than the Bible. Have fun, and be inspired. Cheers !    Entrepreneurial lessons from the Gospel of Luke from Anthony Eli Agbenu

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Five instances why you need a team now

Reading Time: 3 minutes  If you want to go fast, then go alone. If you want to go further, then go with a team. This all goes without saying that if you want to truly succeed, then have an awesome team behind you. Nothing great is ever achieved in silo or alone. And for that reason, if for […]

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Understanding URLs within the Zend framework

Reading Time: 2 minutesIn today’s post, I would want to highlight on URLs within the Zend framework. Whether it is a web API or one with a front end, you always have to configure your routes. With routes, there are two major classes you need to be educated upon. And these are Literals and Segments. As you may […]

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