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For Father’s day, this is my attempt on a poem. To all fathers out there, if your child has not said it yet, then, on their behalf, I would like to say thank you. So here goes;

You walk together side by side. You and your father.
You are grateful for the risks he took. Those you know about and those you don’t.
You are grateful he overlooked your short sightedness at life.
Then you turn to watch him watching protectively over you.

His eyes are wide open.
His voice is deep.
His hands are large, on top of his large frame. He is so much bigger, and taller. You doubt you will ever reach that stature in your life.
He is ever ready and eager to hold your hands through the storms and depression of this life.
He is ever ready to give. Willing to sacrifice what he will eat for the sake of his children.
He is ready to be hungry as along it guarantees you are satisfied. He has a gentle and warm embrace.
He is as re-assuring as the tone of Bob Ross.
He is as quick to our aid as Michael Johnson.
He is as brave as Aníbal Milhais in heat of battle
He is always carrying something to us, as a present, or otherwise.
He is like fire. Sometimes he burns us and sometimes he warms you.
Even now, that fire can wipes your tears.
He is a joy that should experienced. For both sexes, for all races and all religions.

He tells you just to reassure you;

Be rest assured, I am holding you tightly through this life, from your beginning until my very end.

I remember your own first hours on this world, your first steps, first words, and your childhood.

I recall it all with both the ecstasy and pains that only a father can know.

There will be no one else like me, because there never can. I was given to you by the eternal Father above, to watch over you whilst you are on earth.

I watch over you to know the joy our heavenly Father feels for us.

You can have more of everything, but only one father.

Finally, before his journey with you ends, you gather the courage to say;

Thank you for the sacrifice, the pain, the anxiety, the endless life lessons and needless troubles my child hold  and needless actions have put you through.
Thank you for contributing more than the seed that gave me life.
Thank you for being the first man in my lives.
Thank you for being in all of my life stories.
Thank you for being my rock and pillar.
Thank you for being my “Pa”, “Papa”, “Da”, “Daddy”.
Thank you for it all.

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