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That is exactly what I said all those years ago (somewhere in 2012 or 2013).

This is a series on version control or source code management. I would be sure to complement this other related disciplines.  Now back to the post.

Today, I would like to address an invaluable subject that some software engineers often neglect, until it is too late to turn back the clock. That is having a version control system. This article is a throwback to the exact point I knew for certain that version control systems, were as crucial as having locks on your front door. A version control system makes sure you never have to go through the pain of losing your work. It is a backup of sorts.

You know how when you lose your house through fire and agents come by your house (oh you won’t have one now) tent the next day with a big fat cheque.  You are all so pleased because you thought ahead about mitigating these risks.

Or maybe you have had an occasion to curse your stars because you accidentally deleted, or wrote over a piece of useful code. Well it has happened to the best of us. And it can happen to you too.

Before that fateful event occurred, it was not like I did not already know about Git. On the contrary, I had known about Git for a long time now. In addition to the other ones at the time (like Subversion and Bazaar).

And when I say long, I mean more than a year. There is just one thing. I had not used it to its full strengths. This was because I did not have prior cause to ever be concerned about losing my work. Since no such event had previously occurred, the probability of this happening seemed low to zero. At the time, backing up code onto external hard drives seemed like a rule of thumb, at least among the circle of developers I knew then. Oh, was I in for a shock!

Then on a fateful day, all those years ago, as I was merrily coding, my quick fingers mistakenly used a combination of short cut keys in quick succession to delete the entire code from one of the pages I was working on.

Somehow, I did not immediately notice it. So I continued coding, saved my work, and closed my editor. By closing the editor at that stage, and with no version control, that had now irreversibly saved my changes.

I then moved to the application view. It was behaving funny, very funny indeed. So I moved back to my editor and how surprised was I to see that all my code on a specific controller was all gone. Like puff into thin air.

I could not undo, and I had made no back up copy of my work. All my work from the previous week (fortunately my project was only a week old) was lost, just like that.  And I said it “F this, I am getting Git”.

So what did I do next? I did the only thing that I could do. I did the work all over again. I made the necessary corrections, of course, and used Git this time round. After, all these years, I have continued working with Git, with no problems whatsoever. So if you are reading this post, then I can only ask what you are waiting for. Go and get Git.

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