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Have you thought that you need to C sharp? However you always put it off. I am here to give you enough reasons to stop the procrastination today.

If you are like me you, then you would want to give yourself a few reasons as to why learning C Sharp is good education and not a waste of your precious time.

First of all, here is a brief introduction;

What is C sharp?

A programming language developed by Microsoft. It is now available across several platforms. Even though it is pronounced C sharp, it is written as C#.

Below are a few reasons why C sharp is good for you to know;

  1. C language family:

It is in the C family of programming language: This makes it that much easier to learn. This includes languages like (pup, java, JavaScript).  Thus if you already know languages like Java, PHP or JavaScript, then you are already halfway on the way to knowing C sharp. Why? Because you only need knowledge transfer that knowledge to learn and master C sharp.

Thus the syntax is very very similar. Additionally, the code does not look strange in any way. It is also object oriented programming language. Ah you see. This is something you already know.

  1. Compiler:

It is a compile language: Why is this a good thing? It means you get to see possible errors before you deploy to production not when it is delivered to the client.

Before continuing, I should stress on the difference between a compiler and interpreter.

  • Compiler – source code is compiled / converted to exe code that can be read on client browser
  • Interpreter – For example JavaScript does not need to be converted into source code. It can be immediately understood by browser.
  1. Best for Microsoft platforms:

It is the best for developing apps for Microsoft: If you want to build a career for yourself by building apps for the Microsoft platform, you should naturally learn C#.

C# is also better for Windows applications used directly. It is particularly strong at building Windows desktop applications and games. C# can also be used to develop web applications and has become increasingly popular for mobile. Xamarin has made it possible to develop mobile apps.

So now by knowing one language, you can develop for desktop, web, and mobile. How fantastic!

  1. Big community:

It has a big user community. This is a major reason you need to consider before spending time learning a programming language. Why learn a language when there is no support. This community is only getting stronger and bigger with each passing day.

  1. Huge popularity:

C sharp is quickly gaining in popularity: sometimes the best language to use tends to be a popularity contest. In that regard, C sharp has quickly become one of the most popular programming languages

  1. Famous, rich and huge backers:

It is well supported. Having Microsoft has your big brother is a good thing to have. Consequently you can be rest assured they would always have ready support to cater to all of their concerns. Thus issues like bugs fixes, upgrades as well as end user support are well taken care of.

  1. Learning materials:

There are lots, lots and lots of resources. You would always have learning materials, and YouTube videos to assist you. Your learning path and materials are guaranteed.

  1. Job opportunities:

There are a lot of job opportunities. There is a lot of work available in the corporate or enterprise businesses world. Thus the job opportunities are enormous.

  1. Open source:

Yes, it is now open source. Normally developers look for the languages they can use to develop on several platforms. For a long time Microsoft’s attitude to this was to ignore this trend. However it has changed its ways. What it means now is that the .Net framework runs on Linux and Mac as well. Consequently, the can code your C sharp on every major platform.

  1. Multiple uses:

C # can be used for several purposes. You can use C sharp to develop

  • Console applications
  • Web API
  • Desktop applications
  • Web front end apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Windows client
  • Windows store apps
  • Components
  • Backend services

Now you know why you need to start developing C Sharp apps. Start your C sharp journey by doing a small project with c sharp. The more you build with C sharp the better you get with it.

Thanks for spending your time with me. Until next time, cheers.

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