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Do you have WhatsApp installed on your phone? What am I saying? Of course you do. WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps.

There are lots of advantages associated to using WhatsApp. The low fees incurred in sharing messages, and being able to place WhatsApp calls make it very convenient indeed. Additionally the ease by which you can start conversations by creating WhatsApp groups is a big point for having WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

When you are not creating groups, then you are being invited to join one. Unfortunately, if we check our phones, then we will find that we are all in one WhatsApp group or another that are so boring.

The cycle of boring WhatsApp groups are usually the same.

  • Group is created
  • Everyone is happy to be part of the group
  • There is so much conversation happening
  • The amount of chatter on the group eventually starts to go down
  • The amount of chat is limited to two or three persons for a while
  • The page becomes quiet for a long while
  • People begin to exit the page
  • Group becomes dormant
  • Group admin deletes group page

There are other groups that defy this trend, and keep on chatting. Those groups do not get to the stage where the amount of chatter eventually dies down. And consequently, these groups never become dull.

Here are a few possible tips to keep your groups chatting. These hacks are also sure to make your WhatsApp groups fun again. I have written it along themes I identity every group, or association of persons must travel through.

A) On creating the group

  1. Invest time to create or download a group logo:

If you did not invest time in having a catchy image to arrest my attention, then why should I invest time contributing to the page?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Your group icons conveys what the group is about whenever your team members see the image. Say the right words by choosing the right image.

Have a catchy group identity is very important in this regard. No one wants to be part of a group page that has no identity. It implies that the admin did not care enough about the group enough to invest time in placing one up there.

2. Orient members on the group’s purpose:

Inform others on the purpose of the group. Get their buy-in, and know whether they are interested in joining the group.

One of the first reasons people exit groups is because they do not even want to be part of the group to start with. They were simply added by virtue of their association with the group admin. Do not add people just to make up the numbers. Aim to have a group where 100% of members truly want to stay in the group. It would avoid issues, ill feelings and departures from the group later on.

B) On writing

3. Post regularly:

Especially if you are the admin, try to post something regularly. Be it inspirational, or educational, it helps to keep the group alive. Everyone would look forward to reading and contributing to your posts. That is another reason for them to stay on the page.

4. No irrelevant messages:

Do not bore people with lots of messages. Only share what is relevant with them, and that which is related to what group is about.

No one wants to see a thousand plus unread messages. Bombarding the group page with useless messages is the surest path to having group members exit the page in droves.  We do not want the group to die, so instead focus on why was group created? Do not deviate too far from that vision.

Unless the group is related to these, keep the following to a minimum or possibly nil;

  • Jokes
  • Bible verses
  • Pornographic images


  1. Write, do not just read:

Write something, at least once a while. Do not create the opinion that you are not capable of creating posts. You can do more than just read the posts of others. It not one person’s job to post onto the page for you to enjoy.

  1. Open up posting of messages:

Do not restrict posting to one person or a few individuals. It feels like an autocracy. Unless the group was meant of one way communications, the group members do not believe they are contributors, and subsequently feel left out.

  1. No offense intended:

Do not offend others. The effort of many years can be undone in a few seconds. Groups are meant to people together and not to split them up.

C) On the group growth

8. Do more than just virtual meetups:

Plan physical meetups. After all the messaging, it comes to a time that a form of physical connection is needed to sustain the friendship or network. Of course, this might be difficult when the members of the group are across continents. In that case, meetup based on your physical locations.

9. Celebrate:

Celebrate, celebrate, and celebrate. Make the members of your page feel valued. Days such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and all other special occasions seem like the right times to do just this.

Apart from special events, appreciate the individual team members too. Times like when someone passes an exam has a child, or a wedding are perfect for this. Give a thumbs up. Say congrats.

Post something to let others know you are happy for their progress. It builds up the level of positivity within the group.

  1. Throwback moments

Let us see pictures of around the time the group was created. It help will high keep the affectionate moments amongst all of the group’s members.


I do not claim to have all the knowledge on how your WhatsApp groups can be super great. However I offer these little bit of advice to aid your group’s communication.

Please share how you keep your groups active. I am really interested in all you have to share.

Take care and cheers.

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