How to fix Photoshop error message “SOFn, DQT, or DHT JPEG marker is missing


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It can be alarming when you try opening your perfectly fine image files only the error message. You groan and wonder what to do next. The next thing you did was to google and here we are. I would want to show how you too can quickly fix in a minute or less.

I am going to assume you are facing this issue in Windows, and thus proceed from there.

What you need

  • An image editor (I used Paint editor )
  • The Windows Photos application

The steps

Now that you have the tools to save the situation, let’s begin;

  • You first start with navigating to your image.
  • Open the image with the Windows Photos
  • Right click on the image and select Copy.
  • Open your image editor (remember I am using the Windows Paint application).
  • Paste the image. You can do this using the short cut Control + V.
  • The image should now show up within Paint.
  • Save the image as a new name. Remember to choose the appropriate format (i.e. PNG, JPEG or others) that you need.
  • And our problem is now solved.

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  1. bayu says:

    thought bout it, tried it, and it works. thanks. but still wonder why.

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