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If you remember nothing about this post, then at least remember one thing. Work smarter not harder.

  • Working harder does not necessarily mean you are smarter.
  • Working harder does not necessarily mean you are the best.
  • Working harder does not necessarily mean you are ahead of the rest.

It does mean one thing though. It means you are exerting way too much effort in solving a problem. You are exerting much more than you need to. This is much more effort your competition or your peers. And that ladies and gentlemen helps no one at all. Not in the slightest.

For example;

  • Why use notepad when you can use an intelliJ products like pyCharm to check your indentation and be more efficient?
  • Why painstakingly chop pineapple when you can blend it to make pineapple juice?
  • Why remember which files you changed when you can just version control it?

Yes some people argue that it shows you know your stuff. That you are old school. Well news flash. Old school is just that. Old.

You are unintentionally dragging your team back by using methods from the last decade in solving today problems. Everything and everyone has moved forward. And you need to move with the times too.

  • Open yourself to newer ways of doing things.
  • Open yourself to automating a big chunk of your tasks, if not all of your tasks.
  • Open yourself to learning on better and smart ways of doing things.

Yes it is true that occasionally you have to pay for the right software to get ahead. Put your hands deep into your pockets and pull out the funds for that. Do not let stinginess hold your business back.

Working hard might be your philosophy. It that is how you want to work then fine. Still combine that with smart work.

In the end is it not all about getting a result? Very few persons care about the processes to get a result.  As long as it was not illegal obtained, we are only interested in the deliverable.

I wish you many more fruitful working hours ahead.

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