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The 21st edition of the World Cup has just concluded. And alas this is my final blog post on this World Cup series. We started by listing a few interesting stats on the World Cup and profiling each of the 32 teams to have played in the World Cup.

This final post would look at a few interesting stats. We are looking more specifically at the team and not the individual players.

Qualification to the round of 16:

Best performing zone: CONMEBOL

CONMEBOL (the qualifying zone for South America) had the best stats. Four out of the five teams qualified from the group stage for the knockout stage of the competition.

Worst performing zone: AFCON

AFCON (the qualifying zone for Africa registered the worst). All five teams could not qualify for the next stage.

Best team

AFC: Japan.

From Asia, they were the only team to have progressed from the group stage to the round of 16. They almost progressed to the quarter finals too, if not for a spirited comeback from Belgium.

UEFA: France.

They have finally exercised the ghost of their failure two years ago on home soil and won the World Cup.

AFCON: Senegal.

They had the best chance to qualify to the next stage. Only the worse disciplinary record against Japan denied them that opportunity. They exited at the group stage with the best goal difference (zero) of all the African sides too.

CONMEBOL: Uruguay.

Although both Brazil and Uruguay both exited at the quarter finals I chose Uruguay as the best performing team from South America. They won all their matches up until that point where they were beaten by the eventual winners France.


Mexico take this crown, although they would have wanted to progress further than they did.

Overall: Even though France won, I still like to give the crown of the best team to Croatia. With the exclusion of the final they played extra time in each of their knock out games. They had a never say die attitude which was contagious to all.

Best attack:

AFC: Japan.

Japan’s attack were able to put six goals past the defenses of their oppositions.

UEFA: Belgium.

Belgium brought an amazing attack to this World Cup. Still they ended third, because it’s not just your attack that needs to be superb but your defense too.

AFCON: Tunisia.

Interestingly Tunisia had the best attack! They scored five goals in the group stage better than other African teams.


Brazil scored eight goals before they could score no more as they exited at the hands of Belgium.


Mexico scored three goals all in the group stages.


Overall the best attack goes to Belgium for their scintillating attack.

Best defense:

AFC: Iran.

At the elimination from the group stage, they had conceded two goals. It says much especially when you consider that they played in a tough group.

UEFA: Denmark.

Looking at the stats, Denmark, France and Croatia all conceded one each goal at the group stage. I chose Denmark since their defense up until the point of their elimination was incredible.

AFCON: Morocco.

Coming into this tournament Morocco had already been noted for having a mean defense. They kept to that record by conceded four goals. The same number of goals as Senegal conceded. Still if I have to choose between the two I will go for Morocco.

CONMEBOL: Uruguay.

Uruguay conceded one goal in the entire tournament. It was that single goal by France (the eventual champions) that kicked them out at the quarter finals.


You cannot look past Mexico for this. The other two from this zone (that is Panama and Costa Rica) did not impress.

Overall that crown goes to Denmark.


These are stats collated by myself. Do you disagree with all of my opinions? Let us hear them.  I hope you enjoyed what I had to share. Thanks for your time.


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