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For the love of the game and world cup glory, 32 of the best teams have gathered in Russia. Today, we briefly look at these teams. These are my opinions on each team. Today we start by profiling the Russia team.

The pressure on the hosts as it has always been is going to be enormous, and not having had to play qualifying matches was a double-edged gift.

The Russia squad is still shaping up even as we start the tournament. Whether they can match up to the 1966 team who had the Black Spider is indeed hard to tell. In many ways Akinfeev (with his uncanny ability to stop seemingly impossible shots) is the black spider of the current generation. He is an experienced member of the current Russian team and captain to both his club and country.

There might not be many big name players in the team however home advantage would play in their favor. It is unimaginable but Russia have not as yet won a major trophy. When you even consider that the former Soviet Union produced many talents of the day, the entire football world thinks it is only a matter of time before Russia’s time comes.

And who says their time may not be this very world cup.

Likely hero

Russian captain Igor Akinfeev is the one many compare him to the goalkeeping great Lev Yashin. He has a fine opportunity to show his metal to the whole world. If he wins the World Cup, he could be seen as greater than the Black Spider.

Achilles’ heel

Lack of competitive preparation

Did you know?

If Russia was still the Soviet Union, it would available the best players from Romania, Armenia, Ukraine and more to choose from.

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