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The best way to move is to work together. Remember team work makes dreams work. This principle of unity applies not just in team work, nor in programming. It cuts across all areas of life.

  • It applies in marriage
  • It applies at work
  • It applies in the classes of your code
  • It applies in life

I had to do a series of projects. The next one depended on the previous ones, the next one after that depended on having the priors ones been executed and so forth. Initially I started to set them up as separate projects. When I realized the folly of my ways,I changed them to be within the same project so that they could easily call upon the same methods, and such.

Another approach could have been to develop classes, and packages for them, whereby if I use a dependency manager I could call upon them at any time.

For someone like me, who loves modularity, I understand its inherent benefits and disadvantages tied to this approach. That is to say, I can write functions once and have them affect others parts of the code base. On the other hand functions that were not really necessary for some tasks would have their impact on them ( especially if I become careless and write my code is trying to do too much )

So I wrote the functions to do 1 one thing and 1 thing only. Which means to deliver the whole task i now had to write several functions. So if I become careless the bug that occurs in one function would cause other functions to return wrong results. That means that each and every function must be as perfect as possible.

As you can see, each function has to work hand in hand with other functions. Its like a team. The weakest chain in a team makes the entire team weaker. However the stronger parts of the team, make that weaker part a bit stronger.

Its just what all of us encounter in our day to day lives. I am not going to write paragraphs about the importance of unity and blurb on and on about it.

I wish only to say in one line say that especially among startup teams and young businesses alike that cracks in a team are very very obvious. It affects the functioning of the entire team.

The same as in my code, where bugs in 1 code cause all the other functions to misbehave. Every function had to look out for the other by doing what they had to. Every body in a team should look out for others in the team. I have had both good and bad experiences that always emphasis this to me.

  • unity is seen with roman legions n their discipline
  • unity is seen in sports teams with their formations and set plays
  • unity is seen in your business or startup teams

I wish you unity and cohesion everyday, and in all areas that matter.


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