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I initially wrote this post as “The 5 most neglected skills of web professionals”. I amended it as I thought it would be better if I expanded the scope. So I would try not to restrict this only to web developers, but also to other professional groups. This is really only from personal experience.

Hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed to write it, and a few of us can learn from it.

Being diplomatic

Although there are several soft skills, I believe being diplomatic is very important if not the most important. Don’t anger your boss, sit on the fence if you know the answer to a question is not what he wants to hear. General stuff like that. Just mimic the politician. From my experience most coders are full of it and have an opinion on virtually everything. Sometimes it pays just to be quiet. Listen first and then react instead of the reverse.

Sticking to project time lines

Before coming into web development and especially before working in groups of other web developers I never once had to think about beating the deadline to a project. I hate working under pressure, although I can. What ‘good am I if I cannot? Yet still I would appreciate it better if other web developers appreciated that skill much more. I mean it cannot hurt to be a little time conscious.

Growing your skillset

Some might raise eye brows but I think this is important. The skill of introducing new skills into every project is really needed. After all competition is fierce, why be comfortable with what you currently know. Aspire to be more. I certainly do, you should too.


I might be wrong here. But most of the programmers I have met are not crazy about doing paper work. They just want to sit inform of their laptops and code. This is all wrong. Personally, I have realized the need to have a trail of paper on your work. It leads to a longer life span for your work which can only be good for you in the long run.


Sometimes it is difficult to come up with new ways to create your user interface or layout your menu items. And before you know it you pick up some old code or template and use that one instead. After all they are old projects for a totally different client and he won’t notice. Be creative. Take a walk, visit friends, just have a different outlook on life to bring out that unique product for your client.

That’s all. I hope this post touched someone. Thanks again.

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