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You only live once

2021-03-21 life lessons life lessons

Quote from Ricky Gervais Read More

10 valuable lessons seen through the quotes of the Greatest Briton of all time

2021-01-17 life lessons life lessons

Here are 10 lessons from Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill that still prove true till this day Read More

Bitter lessons from the year of COVID-19 which made us stronger

2021-01-09 life lessons life lessons

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Pick your poison, amnesia or experience

2020-11-15 life lessons life lessons

Do you truly wish to forget ? Read More

Stupid questions are the most important

2020-10-31 Life lessons Life lessons

Here are a few reasons why the seemingly useless questions are not that useless after all Read More

4 lessons we learn from politicians

2020-10-24 life lessons life lessons

Here is what you too can learn from politicians in this election season Read More

30 lessons from the Last Kingdom for each day in September

2020-09-07 Life Lessons Life Lessons

Here are a few life lessons I learnt from The Last Kingdom, an action packed Saxon age series Read More

Another 5 lies about entrepreneurship

2020-07-26 life lessons life lessons

We have already spoken on the first 5 lies, well here are another 5 to add to your list Read More

Here are 5 lies about enterpreneurship

2020-07-15 life lessons life lessons

If you are you starting a new business or already running one, then beware of these lies about entrepreneurship Read More

Book Review: Excuses Begone - Priceless quotes from Chapters 1 and 2

2020-07-07 life lessons life lessons

Inspirational quotes from the book Excuses Begone Read More