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The 5 most neglected skills of professionals

I initially wrote this post as “The 5 most neglected skills of web professionals”. I amended it as I thought it would be better if I expanded the scope. So I would try not to restrict this only to web developers, but also to other professional groups. This is really only from personal experience. Hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed to write it, and a few of us can learn from it.

5 lessons from the tro-tro entrepreneur

Reading Time: 5minutes Hi there, I am listening to this song by Eminen ( one of my all time favorite artists in 1st lane). Some where in the song he is rapping about rides, which is related to what I blog about today. I am from Ghana. A nation where everyone is aiming to be successful. One sure avenue is to be an entrepreneur. So, we have entrepreneurs with good and bad ideas, and that does not exclude me.