A brief introduction to ODBC – Your multilingual connector

Reading Time: 2 minutesAt a convention of relational databases, ODBC stands up. As if led by inspiration, he begins to speak in tongues MySQL: I understand Microsoft SQL Server: I do too IBM DB2: I do three PostgreSQL: How is it you all understand? SQLite: It’s like he is speaking my mother tongue. Microsoft Office Access: Then we […]

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How to fix Photoshop error message “SOFn, DQT, or DHT JPEG marker is missing

Reading Time: 1 minuteIt can be alarming when you try opening your perfectly fine image files only the error message. You groan and wonder what to do next. The next thing you did was to google and here we are. I would want to show how you too can quickly fix in a minute or less. I am […]

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Simple examples on Restful APIs for beginners

Reading Time: 2 minutesHi there my good friend, If you read this post and you found it helpful then that is great. I would want to continue this education by using examples. Sometimes, looking at code snippets can go a long away to aiding your understanding of a subject. That is why, I would like to follow it […]

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Someone hacked the official package manager

Reading Time: 1 minuteHello, Do you use PHP PEAR package manager (go-pear.phar) ? If you downloaded the pear package manager from PHP anytime between June 1st till January 19th, then I have bad news for you. The official core package got replaced with a modified one. In short, your server might have been compromised and might have been […]

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