How was software first written?

Reading Time: 2 minutesHave you ever wondered how code was written with the first programming language? It was a question that I pondered on too. And this is my two cents on it. I would first break this down into two further questions. 1. With what language or class of languages would you consider a programming language comparable […]

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Adding numbers in C Sharp

Reading Time: 1 minute#DidYouKnow int num1 = 110; int num2 = 220; Console.WriteLine(“Sum = ” + sum_of_numbers); And Console.WriteLine(“Sum = ” + num1+num2); Give you entirely different results ! #CSharp

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Thank you Daddy

Reading Time: 2 minutesFor Father’s day, this is my attempt on a poem. To all fathers out there, if your child has not said it yet, then, on their behalf, I would like to say thank you. So here goes; You walk together side by side. You and your father. You are grateful for the risks he took. […]

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Enterpreneurial lessons from the Gospel of Luke

Reading Time: 1 minuteHi guys, Checkout this presentation on Entrepreneurial lessons from no other place than the Bible. Have fun, and be inspired. Cheers !    Entrepreneurial lessons from the Gospel of Luke from Anthony Eli Agbenu

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